About us


Shanghai Jiuran Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a specialized Import & Export company. Jiuran has focused on the scientific instrument for many years. We have developed into the most famous scientific instrument and equipment manufacturer and supplier in domestic market.

China laboratory instrument and equipment in Shanghai.

Jiuran’s business includes:
1. Providing full range of scientific instruments, including Medical Instruments, laboratory appliances, optical instruments, environmental  protection instruments and industrial instruments.
2. Supporting the top-class technical support service: Jiuran will offer all kinds of services for instrument import and export, such as giving some  professional suggestions to your requirements; Training services which provide for our clients is based on our rich experience. At the same time,  we could help you to maintain and repair all kind of instrument.
3. Jiuran team also has a wealth of experience of import and export process. Jiuran’s sales partners include Eppendorf, HITACH, IKA, GOLD-  SIM, OHAUS, Sartorius, SYKAM, Thermo (Orion\Eutech) and Tintometer. Most of them have authorized our company as their local service  center. Jiuran also keeps good relationships with some research centers for technical support.

We are aiming at providing our customers with the very best in cutting-edge solutions. Shanghai Jiuran will continue to develop as the top-class  specialized manufacture and trading company.