20L 100-1800rpm 340C laboratory LCD Display Heating Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate


Product highlights

. Innovative touch and slide control panel ultimately avoid liquid outflow damage through knob-panel interspaces

. Keyboard lockable to prevent unexpected operation to change the working status

. Store stirring bar in socket to prevent unexpected lose

.Twice PID control power adjustment system ensure heated liquid reach setting temperature rapidly and then maintain a stable status

.Additional temperature control circuit ensure temperature stability in case one of the circuits malfunctions

.Integrated temperature sensor precisely control heating plate temperature

.Adjustable safety temperature setting (50–360°C) accompany by digital display and prevention of unexpected setting change

.Dual temperature protect system supervised both by software and hardware to prevent safety temperature overrun

.External connected contact thermometer (KES-061F) enables precise temperature control

.Hot surface warning indicator remain highlighted even when switch off to better prevent burns

.Display all setting and working parameter via LCD screen

.Digital error code display function, the instrument automatically detect system error and display error code on LCD for easy troubleshooting

.Timer functions for control the running time (Only KMS-181E)

.Brushless motor ensure for higher speed range and longer working life

.Clockwise/Counter Clockwise stirring ensure better stirring

.Sealed casing (IP 42) guarantees a long service life

Model JR-151E   JR-181E
Maximum stirred quantity(H2O) 20L 20L
Motor rating output 5W 5W
Rotation Speed range 100 – 1800rpm 100 – 1800rpm
Reverse of rotation direction 45 seconds 45 seconds
Heat output 600W 600W
Heating rate (1L H2O) 6.5 ℃/min 6.5 ℃/min
Plate temperature setting range RT – 340 ℃ RT – 340 ℃
Sensor temperature setting range RT – 320 ℃ RT – 320 ℃
Safety temperature 50 – 360 ℃ 50 – 360 ℃
Heating plate control accuracy ±5 ℃ ±5 ℃
External temperature sensor accuracy Pt1000:±1 ℃ Pt1000:±1 ℃
External contact thermometer accuracy KES-061F:±0.5 ℃ KES-061F:±0.5 ℃
Timer 0 – 9 hours
Display LCD LCD
Stirring bar length range 20 – 80mm 20 – 80mm
Heating plate material Aluminum alloy Aluminum alloy
Heating plate Dimensions Ø135mm Ø135mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 175×270×76mm 175×270×76mm
Weight 2.3kg 2.3kg
Voltage & Frequency 220V,~50/60Hz 220V,~50/60Hz
Power input 630W 630W
Permissible ambient temperature 5 – 40 ℃ 5 – 40 ℃
Permissible relative moisture 80% 80%
Protection class (DIN EN 60529) IP 42 IP 42


Optional Accessories
Pt1000s Temperature Sensor
KES-061F Contact Temperature Thermometer
P450 Support rod
P55 Holding rod
P165 Boss head clamp
Stirring bar (KA Series)
Stirring bar (KC Series)
Stirring bar (KT Series)
Stirring bar remover KR300